Brand Guidelines

Produck is a work management platform that helps teams be more efficient and successful at work.

Brand Values


Brand Dimensions

Funny vs Serious

We are cocky. Because many of our users are young we can relax and joke every once in a while. We are confident and cheeky in the way we interact with our clients.

Casual vs Formal

We aim to be casual in all of our communication. As a startup it is necessary to maintain a fresh image and being casual is one of the things that will enable us to do it.

Enthusiastic vs Matter of Fact

We are respectful in this dimension. As we aim to work with enterprises, being able to communicate in a respectful manner is important. However, there is a fine line between being respectful and being boring.

Irreverent vs Respectful

For this dimension, we are moderately enthusiastic. We want to communicate that we are happy that they find our tool useful and people like to share their experiences with us.

Brand Voice


We have a tongue in cheek type of humor. We are a bit on the sarcastic side but at the same time we are sarcastic on light topics.

  • Empowering
  • Friendly
  • Practical

Use jokes in a smart way. Use memes relevant to the theme of the communication piece. Make jokes about mundane work issues.


Don’t be sarcastic about polarizing issues. Be overly confident to the point of being seen as arrogant. Take serious situations lightly.


Our readers are looking to learn and get educated on specific topics. So we want them to get the information in an easy to read tone. 

  • Welcoming
  • Trusted
  • Community Building

Empower the reader to learn more. Use colloquial words and industry slang. Explain abstract concepts in a simple way.


Use technical terms when explaining concepts. Assume that the reader knows what we are talking about.


We are respectful to our readers while maintaining a casual approach to our communication.

  • Thought Leader
  • Down to Earth
  • Customer Oriented

Admit if we have done something wrong. Apologize if we were not able to deliver our best. Take difficult situations seriously.


Be so respectful that it loses the personality of the brand.

Moderately Enthusiastic

We want to share with our readers our milestones and achievements.

  • Authentic
  • Approachable
  • Driven

Celebrate in a big way our achievements. Be enthusiastic and cheerful when communicating.


Celebrate every single thing. It tires the audience. Be overly cheerful, it can become annoying.